Other Voices, Other Rooms_别的声音,别的房间英语读后感600字,黑布林绿房间英语读后感

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Comment on the book is the author of American Southern Gothic writer, this book is revealing the distinctive color of the southern United States -- United in mid twentieth Century, but the New Orleans area can keep almost pristine beauty, the beauty and fantasy, perhaps it is "where the characteristics of the concept of Gothic".

Throughout the book, we can see the amazing talent to sway from paint bucket as the same intense color, delicate description to the people fell dejected. As the "impressionism" novels, although its clarity is questionable, but this amazing talent is enough to create a wonderful artistic conception will conquer the readers.

The reason for his contact with Capote is largely because he is a writer that Haruki particularly admired. You can see Capote Haruki's free style beauty and fantasy have the similarities with Haruki, as the western Capote is relatively difficult to understand, this is written in its early twenty when the performance of their works is that it is inevitable, let outsiders feel obscure, but Haruki's works after all cannot do without the Japanese aesthetic and elegant performance at this point, Capote is bold, which presents more dazzling art.

Joel NOx, thirteen years old, lives in New Orleans from an early age. After his mother died, he was sent to the south to live with him who had abandoned his father just now. However, when Joel arrived in rural Alabama that the decline of the Scully manor, his father was nowhere to be found. On the contrary, Joel met his stepmother Amy. Amy strange cousin Randolph, and rebellious girl IDA Baer and kind to Missouri.

When he was finally allowed to see his father, Joel knew that his father, who was shot by Randolph, was now paralyzed in bed. Joel and Ida Baer fled the manor together, and he was infected with pneumonia, and Idabelle was sent to the monastery. While Randolph took care of him, Joel gradually recognized Randolph's view of love.

In this novel, Capote weaves countless unreal and enchanting names, buildings, forests and characters, making the whole story seem to be in a dream. This elusive nothingness, refraction is to some extent Capote childhood nightmares. The novel is Everfount the emergence of various symbolic images to express emotions such as: every day the Su brain circled out of prison may kill her ex husband; for example, from the corridor rolling down the tennis can only express the information of the father of Joel; for example Joel leather box that bullet Wacom Blue Jays the legend of feathers; constantly drown people known as the "drowning pool" cloud lake...... These emotions are a collective explosion of loneliness, terror and self defense, with a hint of thirst for love, hope for growth and self searching.

But the good thing is that the book has a reputation for its hustle and bustle. Distinctive strange guys make the novel full of a strange and complex flavor, like Capote, a 17 years old when he wore evening dress Cape, keep long hair shawl, "like the Osprey as strange as", see a gay man, in this work about the inevitable a lonely and love". This is also the most popular theme and the key to the best selling of all young women's works, because young people always think they are lonely.